Domestic Relations

Whether your spouse wants a divorce, or you do, or you both do, there will be emotional times ahead.  The prospect brings about varied responses from anger to depression.  At the same time, you may view divorce as a necessary step in your pursuit of happiness for you and your children.


At Lange & Lambdin we offer our clients a wide range of services in the areas of domestic relations and family law.  From simple to complex litigation to alternative dispute resolution processes, we combine extensive legal knowledge and sensitivity to the emotional aspects of divorce and other personal and family matters to attain the most fair and sensible results for our clients. 


We believe in providing thorough and compassionate legal counseling, helping people make informed decisions about their future, often during difficult situations, call 419-674-4502 or email us today for a consultation!


Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of both divorce and post-divorce proceedings, including the negotiation of separation agreements and parenting plans, trial of disputed divorces, division of assets, child custody and visitation matters, child and spousal support matters and domestic violence.